Fast Foodies

Is your dog sitting on the side, hoping and begging for you to give up that juicy burger or that delicious slice of pizza? If you often find yourself in this scenario, throw them a Fast Foodie chew toy by HydroDogz to keep them busy and bring them in on the fun. Whether you're in the middle of your meal or your dog needs some playtime, our chew toys are the perfect distraction.

  • BUILT-IN SQUEAKER: Any dog's weakness to a toy is a good squeaker, and our built-in squeaker is perfect for keeping your dog entertained.

  • FUN DESIGNS: We take great care in creating fun and colorful designs for our toys, ensuring that your dog is comfortable and having fun.

  • HAPPY DOG: It's essential to keep your best friend happy. Our goal is to make our toys simple and fun for your dog, ensuring that they will stay happy and maintain a positive attitude.

Dog with a plush pizza toy in its mouth with text on the side that says "Foodies"  Picture of plush toys for dogs in the shape of food

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