Tuggies (Floaties)

Tugging is one of the most engaging activities that will benefit your dog, including impulse control, confidence building, and a stronger bond between dog and owner. Hydrodogz Tuggies bring hours of fun to your dog while ensuring their safety. Floats for all types of water play, whether it be in the pool or in the lake.  Whichever design your dog enjoys the most, Hydrodogz has you covered. 

  • SAFE/TOUGH DOG TOYS: This rope dog toy is made from 100% natural washable cotton, safe for your pet to chew and play. These nearly indestructible dog toys will entertain your dog for hours.

  • SMALL ROPE TOYS FOR ALL DOGS: Tuggies come in three different designs to meet the preferences of all dogs. The toy is small enough for all dogs to enjoy and is perfect for aggressive chewers.

  • BEST TUG OF WAR DOG TOYS AND CHEW TOYS: These dog rope toys are great for tug of war. Durable dog rope toys are great for boredom and bonding with your animal. Great for teething puppies.

Dog playing in the water with a rope toy in its mouth  Dog staring at a rope toy in the water

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