Zoggs Flex Armband

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  • FITS ALL PHONE SIZES: Fits iPhone, Samsung, and other similar devices. No other armband is as versatile as ours when it comes to fitting your cell phone device. Never worry about whether or not your cell phone will work with our case. It always will.
  • BEST MATERIALS: Our armband is made of the finest materials and best quality Neoprene that is designed to twist, flex, bend, and stretch but always retaining its original shape. It can withstand any rigorous activity from hiking, jogging, walking, or working out in the gym. Extremely Lightweight (under 2 oz.). Workout with confidence, knowing your armband is made of the finest materials that will ensure your product's long life.
  • SWIPE SCREEN TECHNOLOGY: This allows you to navigate through your smartphone with ease so that you never have to take it out of the armband pocket. Our Bundled Screen protection will always protect your cell phone from scratches and dings caused by debris, ensuring a safe and protected device.
  • GRIPTECH: Helps keep the armband in place. You will never have to worry about your armband slipping down your arm while doing vigorous activities ever again.
  • BONUS FEATURES: Our advanced *EARBUD cord holder keeps cords from tangling when working out. *Reflective trims around the phone compartment allows for easy visibility at night. *Hidden Key Pocket is excellent to secure your most important key, so you don't need to take a bulky set of keys. *Earbud Outlet. *DUAL LOCKING SECURITY TAB keeps the band in place, allowing the armband never to come apart 

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