Aqua Plugz (3 Pack)

Water in your ears can be irritating, but it's important to remember that it can also contain bacteria that can lead to certain infections. Zoggs Aqua Plugz comfortably fit in your ear to prevent water from entering and causing that common frustration. So make your next swimming session a fun one! COMES IN 3 PACK BUNDLE!

  • COMFORTABLE: The ergonomic design allows Aqua Plugz to fit comfortably inside your ear and prevent it from falling out.. As a result, it helps block out as much water as possible and does not ruin your session.

  • HARDCOVER CASE:  Hardcover case helps protect your earplugs at all times and is easy to store in your bag for safety. No need to worry about losing one or both earplugs with this protection.

  • VERSATILE: Apart from using them in the water, the Aqua Plugz also come in handy for other situations such as construction work, travel, and sleeping. Block out water along with other outside sounds.

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