Easy Fit Silicone Cap (3 Pack)

The Easy Fit Swimming Cap from Zoggs is the perfect accessory for all swim enthusiasts, whether you are looking to protect your hair or are a triathlete. The cap is made from silicone materials, shaped and sized specifically for a soft and easy fit. It is also highly elastic and can stretch 30% more than traditional swim caps for an optimal fit for your swim sessions. PURCHASE 3 SWIM CAPS AT A GREAT PRICE!

  • PROTECT YOUR HAIR: The silicone cap protects your hair from damage and keeps it out of your face. The high elasticity works perfectly for individuals with longer hair.

  • COMFORTABLE: The soft materials provide a snug fit on your head and prevent any of your hair from snagging on the cap, ensuring the most comfortable swim.

  • DURABLE: The easy-fit cap's durable design makes it possible to stretch out and fit your head for the most comfort. It can stretch 30% more than other swim caps.

Male swimmer floating on the side of a pool with a paddle board  Female putting on a black swim cap

zoggs usa swim googles badge NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Truth of the matter is that no one goggle will fit every single person. Different facial structures contribute to the success of a great fitting swim goggle. Because of this, we always offer a risk free trial period for every goggle we sell. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please send your swim goggle back within 2 weeks after delivery for a full refund, NO QUESTIONS .