Nose Clip

The Zoggs Nose Clip is an essential piece of equipment for all swimmers. It fits comfortably on your nose and protects your nostrils from the irritating sensation of water in the nose while keeping your breathing pattern consistent. 

  • KEEP WATER OUT: Protecting your nostrils is essential during an aquatic activity. Not only does the water cause irritation, but it also introduces more bacteria causing the potential for dangerous infections.
  • DESIGNED TO FIT: Made from soft silicone and durable PC, the nose clip is designed to contour your exact nose shape. The silicone also provides a comfortable fit while in the water and prevents the possibility of slipping.
  • PROTECTIVE CASE: A protective case for the nose clip comes with every purchase. It is essential to keep your nose clip protected at all times and prevent the possibility of it being lost or damaged. 

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