Oasis Swim Set

Discover an Oasis with the Oasis Snorkel Swim set!

  • KIDS SNORKEL SET FOR 5-13 YEAR OLDS: Give your kid a fun time exploring the ocean with the Oasis Swim/Snorkel Set. High elastic head strap ensures easy and quick adjustment, increased flexibility, and comfort.

  • ANTI-FOG TEMPERED GLASS: Instead of a film like other swim companies, our anti-fog is part of the lenses' material and is part of the manufacturing process.

  • SECURE FIT AND NO LEAK: The silicone skirt provides a secure fit on your child, eliminating pressure around their face. The secure fit also helps prevent leakage within.

zoggs usa swim googles badge NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Truth of the matter is that no one goggle will fit every single person. Different facial structures contribute to the success of a great fitting swim goggle. Because of this, we always offer a risk free trial period for every goggle we sell. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please send your swim goggle back within 2 weeks after delivery for a full refund, NO QUESTIONS .

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